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Atlanta is the setting for many of my works, not only because it is home, but because this sprawling and ever-changing city is so rich with possibilities.  A blend of the traditional and the new, the good and the venal, it is a writer's playground.



Internal Security
Stories & Shorts
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If you ever thought trying something lucrative but illegal might solve some of your problems, perhaps you should read this novel first.  Everyone has life-changing decision points, and this novel hinges on a struggling character who reaches one of those points and chooses badly--or does he? 

We've all heard the "careful what you wish for" adage.  In this book, a reporter who wants a blockbuster story very much finally  gets one, only to learn he's in over his head--way over.  Covering the story of a lifetime may catapult him to the big time, if it  doesn't cost him his life first.


The short stories are less about suspense and more about real life. A bit  more literary and  a lot more serious, they explore the unending struggles of individuals who are overwhelmed by the forces of  incomprehension we all face.

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