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Lectures & Services



Seminars & Classes


Seminars on writing the contemporary novel and how to publish in today's fiction markets are announced from time to time on the News & Events page.   For more information about special appearances at bookgroups, seminars, and conferences, please send an email.  Your inquiries are always welcome.


The seminars are packed with practical information and student response is very enthusiastic.  Put it this way:  many of us could have benefited immensely early in our careers had we known then what we know now.  That's why these sessions are full of real-world writing knowledge that can only be acquired from years of hard work--or from a veteran who tells you the way it is.







Conferences & Appearances


Most conference presentations are one-two hours long, based on a particular topic of concern to the group, such as plotting, developing characters, how to market your work, or the changes underway in publishing.  For writing groups, the seminars tend to be longer, about a half day.  Once or twice a year I do a much more comprehensive lecture on all the above that runs a full day.  Helping other writers is a worthwhile effort.  Contact me if your writing group or conference can benefit.



Editing & Manuscript Evaluation


From time to time a writer asks me to help with a book they're doing.  Perhaps the plot isn't working or the characters feel flat.  More often, the book lacks momentum, meaning the pace is just too slow for most readers to stay with it.  Usually though, the problem is the prose.  It lacks the professional polish and distinctive note that makes your style stand out to the world.


Sometimes a great editor can make a real difference.  Or should I say writing coach?  Whatever you want to call it, crisp editing can improve most any manuscript, but it can't resurrect a dead one.  If you don't mind blunt honesty, I will evaluate your book and suggest ways to improve it.  The fee depends on the state of the manuscript.

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